4 Simple Steps To Preparing For a Driving Theory Test

Preparing For a Driving Theory Test

Once you’ve applied for your provisional driving licence and have begun to swot up on the Highway Code, road traffic signs, and more, you’ll need to pass your driving theory test before you’re able to take your practical driving exam. If you’re on your way to becoming a qualified driver and want to prepare properly to pass this test, here are some simple tips to follow:

Book your test

In order to take your theory test, you need to book a place at one of the many test centres across the UK. When you book it depends on your confidence and your skill, but this is an essential part of preparing for your exam! You can quickly book your test online.

Learn the basics

In the first multiple-choice part of your theory test, you will be quizzed on many areas in the world of driving. These include factors such as safety, attitude, alertness, and more. You will be randomly assigned 50 multiple-choice questions from a bank of 1000, so it is important to ensure you have a broad knowledge base. Our Essential Skills series of mock tests help to train you in this area, covering a wide range of topics and ensuring you are prepared.

Know road signs

Another key part of your theory test is understanding what the various road signs mean. You will be familiar with some common signs however, others are rare and it is more difficult to know what they mean. A quick fire mock test or simple-to-follow animation can quickly get you up to speed and aware of even the most complex traffic signs.

Understand hazards

After taking the multiple-choice part of the test, you must then sit the 20-minute hazard perception test. Here, you will be shown around 14 clips of road scenes, from the driver’s perspective. You must click whenever you identify a potential hazard such as spotting a pedestrian, an animal in the road, or a cyclist in the distance. You’ll be tested on your speed as well as accuracy in identifying these hazards. To prepare, simply revise all the potential hazards that you may come across on the road.

If you need any more help preparing for your driving theory test, we have many useful online resources to enlist you with confidence before the big day. Browse them online.


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