5 Reasons Student Drivers Fail Their Theory Test

The written exam is the least enjoyable part of getting a driver’s licence but is something that anyone who wants to become certified to drive has to go through. Before these students are ever allowed to step into a car for the practical and show that they know how to drive, they have to make it past the written test and prove they know the theory. It can be daunting for some students and they may find themselves coming back to this test, over and over again, to try and pass the written test.To help you do your best the first time through, here are 5 of the most common reasons why students fail their theory test.
  1. Anxiety
Everyone gets test anxiety. It is a fairly common thing when you’re about to take a test. The problem comes when you allow yourself to become too anxious and fail to calm down sufficiently prior to the test. This can lead to extremely poor performance due to anxiety making it difficult to think through questions logically.
  1. Cramming
Students who fail to start studying well in advance will be forced to cram in order to study enough. Cramming is the term for when someone is attempting to force a large amount of information into their mind in an extremely short span of time. When cramming, a lot of information will likely be overlooked or glossed over which can lead to test takers missing questions due to not expecting them or additional complexity that was not anticipated.
  1. Question Complexity
It is not altogether uncommon for test takers to fail a written examination because they underestimate how complicated the questions will be. The best way to avoid this is to study everything that has even a remote possibility of being on the written exam and avoid falling into the trap of believing that they already know everything they need to know. The best way to avoid the outcome of the test being more complex than expected is to assume that you know less than you actually do.
  1. Unexpected Questions
In most cases, taking practice tests in advance of the actual test can help you succeed on the actual test. If you’re taking the test without knowing what kind of questions you can expect, you will probably be caught off guard by what kind of questions are being asked. Luckily, there are plenty of available free resources available to help prepare in advance of the exam.
  1. Not Answering Questions
Some students will come across a question that they can’t answer and instead of making their best guess and giving themselves a chance to get it right, they will just skip the question and not answer it. While this on its own isn’t a reason why students fail their written test it is a contributing factor that can lead to them failing if the student either skips a significant number of questions or has missed a certain number prior to skipping questions.Now that you have these 5 mistakes in mind, you should have a good idea of what to do and what to avoid. If you need additional practice tests to help study for the exam, please contact us here to get the resources you need to study for your written theory exam.