06 - Free Mock DVLA Test 2019

We know that taking the driving theory test as part of your driving licence can cause anxiety in even the most confident driver. That is why we designed this free mock DVLA test so that you can practise and get an idea of what types of questions will be asked on the actual test.


Your driving mirrors should always be used…?

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In a place where parking is forbidden, turning on your hazard lights to park does what?

Question 2 of 30

When a car ahead of you is signalling to turn left at a junction, what should you do?

Question 3 of 30

If you have to turn your car around in the middle of the road, you should start from where?

Question 4 of 30

Reversing for a longer distance than necessary is…?

Question 5 of 30

You should always remember that a vehicle travelling at 70 mph is covering what distance every second?

Question 6 of 30

You should be particularly careful when passing motorcyclists…?

Question 7 of 30

At a four exit roundabout, you want to go all the way round then back the way you've come. You should…?

Question 8 of 30

At a Y junction, who has priority?

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When reversing, your right hand should hold the steering wheel…?

Question 10 of 30

If parked vehicles are obscuring your view at a junction, you should…?

Question 11 of 30

The best thing you can do with aggressive drivers is what?

Question 12 of 30

What proportion of road deaths in the UK occur on rural roads?

Question 13 of 30

Under what circumstances is it acceptable to reverse from a side road into a main road?

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"Defensive driving" is a strategy based on…?

Question 15 of 30

On a motorway gantry you see one lane has a red X over it. What does this mean?

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Unless it's essential to warn someone else of danger, it's illegal to use your horn…?

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When parking facing uphill, manual vehicles should be left in which gear?

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When oncoming vehicles at a crossroads both want to turn right, the correct road positioning is for them to…?

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When driving in an area where deer may be present, remember the greatest risk of collision with them is at…?

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When choosing a place in which to park, you should find a gap that is at least…?

Question 21 of 30

Which of these can help your vision if you have a restricted view?

Question 22 of 30

When encountering cyclists, always remember that they…?

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You park your vehicle on the left-hand side of the road, facing uphill. There is no kerb. Which way should you leave your wheels?

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If you're in doubt as to whether there are people or obstacles behind you when reversing, you should…?

Question 25 of 30

You want to cross a dual carriageway to turn right, but the central reservation isn't deep enough for the full length of your vehicle. You should…?

Question 26 of 30

What percentage of accidents on motorways and other monotonous roads are caused by fatigue?

Question 27 of 30

Which of these road users is not permitted to use a motorway?

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At an unmarked junction, you should…?

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Which of these can lessen the need for careful observation when reversing?

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Free Mock DVLA Test

In the theory test, you are given 50 multiple-choice questions and 57 minutes to provide the correct answers. If you are not sure of an answer, you can flag the question and go back to it afterward. This helps to save you some time. To pass you need 43 points, and to get them, you can look at the theory test handbook, free mock DVLA test, and the available online guide provided by the DVSA.

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