02 - DVLA Driving Test - Free Mock Test 2018

We know that taking the driving theory test as part of your driving licence can cause anxiety in even the most confident driver. That is why we designed this free DVLA Driving Test so that you can practise and get an idea of what types of questions will be asked on the actual test.


If an oil pressure warning light is showing on your vehicle, you should…?

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In the PSL system for manoeuvring, what does the P stand for?

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When you brake hard, the weight of a vehicle is…?

Question 3 of 30

Once an engine starts running, you should release the start key or switch…?

Question 4 of 30

In normal driving when making a check, the first mirror you should check is…?

Question 5 of 30

In the LADA system for looking before manoeuvring, the D stands for…?

Question 6 of 30

Motor vehicles have horns for what purpose?

Question 7 of 30

Unless there is a danger from another vehicle, you may not use your horn in a built-up area between 11:30 PM and…?

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Fog lights should only be turned on when visibility has been reduced to below…?

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Before normal braking you should always do what?

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Brakes are only as good as…?

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Which of these does ABS do?

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Cruise control can help you do what?

Question 13 of 30

When braking, when should you engage the clutch?

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The MSM routine stands for…?

Question 15 of 30

If the vehicle behind you is following too closely, what should you do?

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Before you start a vehicle, you should make sure that the gear lever is in…?

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In normal circumstances, which of these describes how you should use the brakes?

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Harsh braking will make your steering become…?

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You should always adjust your mirrors…?

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On a wet road or loose surface, what should you do to your braking style?

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After using your mirrors to check, you should always check over your shoulder in your blindspot…?

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Skidding is usually caused by what?

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If you have to brake on a bend, you should anticipate the vehicle being thrown…?

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On a cold morning, once you've got the engine started, you should…?

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The key to safe and controlled braking is what?

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If your vehicle has ABS, when you have to brake in an emergency you should…?

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When you brake in an emergency, you should…?

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Convex mirrors often found as wing mirrors make vehicles behind seem…?

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The clutch can be found…?

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DVLA Driving Test

To gain your full driver’s license, you need to first pass the UK Driving Theory Test. This free DVLA Driving test is designed to test your knowledge of the Highway Code and driving in the UK. Questions are created using the Official DVSA Guide to Driving.

Many of the rules in The Highway Code are legal requirements, and if you disobey these rules you are committing a criminal offence.

Booking the Test: The DVLA driving test is booked online. On the online platform, you are required to give out your personal details, such as the number of the provisional driving licence which you have been given. The bookings are done on an official site to help you find your nearest center.

DVLA Driving Test – Free Mock Test 2018
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