UK Theory Test

Getting Ready For UK Theory Test

 About the Test

The theory test is a computerized exam that you are required to take and pass before you take your practical test. It tests your knowledge of the highway code and driving in the UK. The questions in this test are based on official DVSA guides.

  • You can book the test online and over the phone.
  • You can take the theory test from your 17th birthday.
  • You must take your UK photocard driving license with you to the test.
  • You cannot take things like earphones, bags, mobile phones, and watches into the test room with you.
The Structure of The Theory Test
  • You will be required to answer 50 questions in the first part of the theory test.
  • The Hazard Perception Test – This part of the test aims to test your ability to recognise and respond to developing hazards in the road.
  • f You Pass Your Test — You will get a letter with a pass certificate at the test centre. You’ll need this to book your driving test.
  • If You Fail Your Test — You’ll get a letter at the test centre, with information on why you failed.
  • Attempting to cheat on the test can result in a ban from driving or even a prison sentence.
Tips That Will Help You To Pass Your Test
  • Read the Highway Code Manual.
  • Practice online as often as you can.
  • Arrive around 30 mins before your scheduled test time.
  • Spend around 15 minutes getting used to the computer.
  • Don’t rush through your questions. The test will show you how much time you have left