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The actual UK driving theory exam features 50 multi-choice questions taken from a bank of over 750 questions. You might be surprised that 50% of candidates fail to hit the pass mark in their first attempt.

But with adequate preparation, you will breeze through the DVSA driving test. The Driver Knowledge platform gives you access to practice exam materials to ace your upcoming driving theory test.

Our guides, practice questions, and answers are based on official DVSA handbooks and other resources. Gauge your knowledge with our online practice tests. Repeat as many times as you can.

If you pass our test several times in a row, it is likely you will walk away from the driving theory test centre wearing a big smile.

Why Choose Driver Knowledge

  • Driving Theory TestLearn with pictures

At Driver Knowledge, we make the most of learning by incorporating visuals in our driving theory practice tests. Visual learning helps create more lasting memories in learners, increasing the chances of passing the real test the first time.

This feature sets us apart from other theory test sites in the UK. We are one of the few websites that support visual learning.

  • High pass rate

Approximately 95% of candidates who use the Driver Knowledge platform to prepare for the UK driving theory test pass the official exam in their first attempt. You will excel because our practice materials are highly relevant and targeted.

  • Completely free resource

With Driver Knowledge, you will not pay registration fees to access the learning resources or take practice sample tests.

  • Unlimited number of practice tests

It is advisable to take practice exams as many times as possible to ace your UK driving theory test. Fortunately, our platform gives you the freedom to take several tests until you feel ready for the official test.

  • Practice exam resources curated with questions based on official handbooks

You will find hundreds of unique driving theory test questions. Our exhaustive list of questions and answers follow the same format and rules as the real DVLA driving test. These questions are similar to those you will encounter in the examination room.

  • Immediate feedback

We understand candidates want instant feedback for better self-assessment in their learning process. You can always expect to get immediate feedback every time you finish your mock theory test on Driver Knowledge.

  • Easy to use

We have fully optimised our platform and theory practice test materials for all types of devices. You can even train and take tests using your mobile device.

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UK Driving TestMake sure you are ready and confident before you turn up for your official test. We know preparing for your written theory exam is often a daunting task. Although the pass rate statistics are discouraging, you can get it right the first time with carefully curated practice test materials. Our platform offers a wide range of free online resources to help you achieve that.

As the best (and FREE) online resource for UK driving theory test, our sample questions are similar to those you will find in an official test. The drivers’ official handbooks and a driver’s education course with free theory tests will steer you in the right direction.

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Mock Theory TestYou need to take a practice theory test so you can be prepared for your actual written test. All practice exams are not created equal. At, we understand that the theory test is just one part of the process of learning to drive. By signing with us, we will guide you and give you essential information regarding the UK Driving test. With practice, you will develop this essential skill, pass the theory test, and drive competently for years to come.