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You can take our full practise theory test or our quick random online theory test, which consists of 30 questions. This is perfect if you learn better when information is broken down into small chunks. You also have the option of choosing fixed tests on specific subjects, such as traffic signs.

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Taking our UK driving theory revision test allows you to test on each topic separately, which makes it easier to focus on exactly what you need to know. There’s no need to try to learn an entire book of information when you don’t need it. Instead, you can concentrate entirely on the information that is pertinent to you.

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Our driving theory practice tests contain questions that are unique to this site. They cannot be found anywhere else! Our theory test practise and mock theory test questions cover all of the information needed to pass the DVSA exam. This ensures that you are able to build up an extensive knowledge base that will give you the confidence you need to pass your exam.

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