04 - Practice DVLA Driving Theory Test

We know that taking the driving theory test as part of your driving licence can cause anxiety in even the most confident driver. That is why we designed this free practice DVLA driving theory test so that you can practise and get an idea of what types of questions will be asked on the actual test.


For normal overtaking, when there is a solid white line down the centre of the road you must not…?

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You're approaching a major road from a minor road. At the junction, who has priority?

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You may drive in a high occupancy vehicle lane if your vehicle contains the minimum number of people indicated on the sign or…?

Question 3 of 30

You see a sign ahead that is brown with white lettering. What should you expect it to display?

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Double broken white lines across your half of the road when you want to enter another road show that…?

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On a road which has an unbroken white line and dashed white lines next to each other down the centre, you may not…?

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The only mandatory signs which are not circular with a red border are…?

Question 7 of 30

On urban clearways, there is no stopping during the hours of operation except to…?

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Fluorescent white studs are used to mark what?

Question 9 of 30

When you see a sign warning you to look out for children, you can ignore it…?

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When you are being directed to follow a diversion, the diversion route will be signalled by…?

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What colour are motorway signs?

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Hazard signs warn you of the oncoming hazard, but they do not…?

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A single broken white line at the entrance to a roundabout means what?

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When you're following a bus or coach on the motorway, you should be aware that it may have a speed restrictor limiting it to…?

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In a built-up area and all roads with street lighting unless indicated otherwise, the maximum speed limit in the UK is what?

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Double yellow lines indicate what?

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A sign warning of a junction will show which road has priority with…?

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When large goods vehicles have a restrictor fitted, they will not travel above…?

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If you are towing a caravan or trailer, on no road may you exceed more than…?

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When there is a hazard ahead for which there is not a specific warning sign, you will see…?

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You may not crossover a solid white line to overtake a pedal cycle, horse or road maintenance vehicle unless they are travelling at less than…?

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If you pass a speed limit sign and then later pass a white disc with a black diagonal line across it, that means what?

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If you are driving on a road with broken white lines and they start to get longer, that means what?

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Raised yellow lines painted across the carriageway indicate that you should…?

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For parking restrictions, "loading” is defined as…?

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The maximum speed permitted on a single carriageway road in the UK is what?

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Left and right turn arrows painted on the road tell you what?

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You must not enter a box junction unless your exit road is clear or…?

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You may not stop on yellow zigzags outside schools unless…?

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Practice DVLA Driving Theory Test

Before you are permitted to drive without supervision within the UK, you are expected to pass two tests; the theory and the practical driving tests. You are also required to acquire a Provisional Driving Licence before you take either of the tests. To get your full driving licence, it’s imperative that you pass the theory test. The one thing you would not want is to re-sit your theory test. Having that in mind, here is practice DVLA driving theory test that would help you pass your theory test in the first attempt.

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