We know that taking the driving theory test as part of your driving licence can cause anxiety in even the most confident driver. That is why we designed this free practice DVLA driving theory test so that you can practise and get an idea of what types of questions will be asked on the actual test.
When you've driven through deep water, what's the first thing you should check?

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What colour are motorway signs?

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Traffic officers on motorways have the legal power to do what?

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Hazard signs warn you of the oncoming hazard, but they do not…?

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Double broken white lines across your half of the road when you want to enter another road show that…?

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When reversing, your right hand should hold the steering wheel…?

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Unless signs tell you otherwise, if you are towing a caravan or trailer you should not exceed what speed on single carriageways?

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Which of these does ABS do?

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You can use a mobile phone in your vehicle…?

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If you're on the motorway and you see serious congestion ahead, you can warn other drivers by doing what?

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The first thing to do when entering the driver's seat in a new vehicle is to check…?

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The fog is so thick that you only have reflective road studs to guide yourself. You should…?

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You should always adjust your mirrors…?

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Where there are chevrons painted on the carriageway on a motorway, you should leave at least how many between yourself and the vehicle in front?

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If an oil pressure warning light is showing on your vehicle, you should…?

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Your driving mirrors should always be used…?

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You may drive in a high occupancy vehicle lane if your vehicle contains the minimum number of people indicated on the sign or…?

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The clutch can be found…?

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When you suspect that a road is slippery, you should…?

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As soon as you start to skid in a non-ABS equipped car you should do what?

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Electronic stability control can't help you if…?

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If you can't provide your details at the scene of an accident involving another person, an animal or damage to another vehicle or property, you must report the incident to the police within…?

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If the rear of your vehicle is skidding out to the right, you should do what?

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When you have missed a turning, the best thing to do is…?

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When you're steering, you should be looking…?

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Practice DVLA Driving Theory Test

Before you are permitted to drive without supervision within the UK, you are expected to pass two tests; the theory and the practical driving tests. You are also required to acquire a Provisional Driving Licence before you take either of the tests. To get your full driving licence, it’s imperative that you pass the theory test. The one thing you would not want is to re-sit your theory test. Having that in mind, here is practice DVLA driving theory test that would help you pass your theory test in the first attempt.