We know that taking the driving theory test as part of your driving licence can cause anxiety in even the most confident driver. That is why we designed this free Driving Theory Test Practice DVLA so that you can practise and get an idea of what types of questions will be asked on the actual test.
Using a mobile phone while driving makes you how much more likely to crash?

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Before normal braking you should always do what?

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You want to cross a dual carriageway to turn right, but the central reservation isn't deep enough for the full length of your vehicle. You should…?

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In a place where parking is forbidden, turning on your hazard lights to park does what?

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On a cold morning, once you've got the engine started, you should…?

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When you see a large vehicle obstructing the road working on highway maintenance, e.g. hedge cutter, you should be especially aware of…?

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In driving situations that require frequent gear changes, you should do what?

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You need to change down gears when you are…?

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When driving along the road, you should be monitoring…?

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When stopped at traffic lights for more than a very short time, you should do what?

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If your vehicle has ABS, when you have to brake in an emergency you should…?

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When overtaking you should take particular care to check for…?

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If you need glasses or contact lenses to drive, you must wear them…?

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What is the key factor in determining the safety of a vehicle?

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In normal driving when making a check, the first mirror you should check is…?

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When oncoming vehicles at a crossroads both want to turn right, the correct road positioning is for them to…?

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If parked vehicles are obscuring your view at a junction, you should…?

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If a set of traffic lights has failed, you should treat the junction as if…?

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In normal free moving traffic, which of these is the only place where it is permissible to overtake on the left?

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"Coasting" should be done…?

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When driving in an area where deer may be present, remember the greatest risk of collision with them is at…?

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When taking a bend, your speed should be at its lowest point at…?

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Harsh braking will make your steering become…?

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Coastguard vehicles on emergency calls use…?

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Brakes are only as good as…?

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Driving Theory Test Practice DVLA

Set a revision schedule for the theory test: It’s important that you put in the hours when preparing for a theory test. When going through your practice material, and revision, you could take a driving theory test practice DVLA as one of the constituents of your revision schedule. Despite the fact that these tests only offer the multiple choice part, they can be a good measure of your readiness. If the outcome of the test doesn’t go as expected, you can always reschedule your driving theory test to revise some more and build more confidence.