This free UK highway code mock theory test is created using the official DVSA Guide: The Official Highway Code. All answers include a short explanation and reference to the UK Highway Code or special notes for additional reading on the subject.
Why should you always give priority to trams?

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In England Highways Agency Traffic officers have the power to stop vehicles…?

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Which of these things should you try to avoid when driving?

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When you see a flashing amber "School" warning sign, you should…?

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The Highway Code requires that you take extra care when interacting with…?

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Merging in turn, for example at roadworks, should only be done at…?

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Which of these is the only vehicle that can legitimately drive over the markings on a mini roundabout?

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Hazard warning lights should only be used in which of these circumstances?

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In stationary queues of traffic, you should hold your vehicle by…?

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If somebody tries to overtake you, you should never…?

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If you become angry at the behaviour of another driver, you should…?

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If someone is carrying a white cane with a red band, that indicates that they are…?

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Goods vehicles may be able to park on verges or pavements when it is essential for loading or unloading. If they do then…?

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You must give your name, address and registration number to anyone having reasonable grounds for requiring them in any accident involving…?

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When a traffic jam stretches over a pedestrian crossing, you should…?

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The broken white line in the middle of the road starts to get longer and the gaps between the lines shorter. This means…?

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You are legally obliged to follow signals from which of these persons?

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On the zigzags of a pedestrian crossing, you must not…?

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You are in the tunnel and you have to stop. How big a gap should you leave between you and the vehicle in front?

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To be qualified to drive, you must be able to (wearing glasses as necessary) read a vehicle number plate in daylight from what distance?

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Which of these is true?

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You should improve your view on right-hand bends by…?

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When driving along a road with traffic calming measures, you should not overtake…?

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What does the law say about reversing?

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What colour reflective road studs mark the left edge of the road?

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UK Highway Code Mock Theory Test

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