04 - UK Highway Code Mock Theory Test

This free UK highway code mock theory test is created using the official DVSA Guide: The Official Highway Code. All answers include a short explanation and reference to the UK Highway Code or special notes for additional reading on the subject.


At a mini roundabout, you should always avoid doing what?

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When following a large vehicle you should remember that many are equipped with speed limiting devices so they will not be able to go faster than…?

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If a disabled person is using a powered vehicle on a dual carriageway with a speed limit exceeding 50 mph, they must have a flashing beacon of what colour?

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When a school crossing patrol operative signals you to stop, this is…?

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Why should you always give priority to trams?

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At 40 mph your vehicle will probably kill any pedestrian it hits. At 20 miles an hour, what is the probability of a person you hit being killed?

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You are approaching a cyclist from behind and they look over their shoulder. You should assume this means…?

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Motorcyclists and cyclists need to…?

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You must use headlights when visibility is below…?

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On a roundabout you want to take the third exit. When should you start indicating left?

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If you are on a busy road and need to turn round, you should do what?

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If someone is carrying a white cane with a red band, that indicates that they are…?

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On the zigzags of a pedestrian crossing, you must not…?

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The Highway Code requires that you take extra care when interacting with…?

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You should pass horseriders and horse drawn vehicles…?

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An older couple are crossing the road in front of you very slowly. What should you do?

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What does the law say about reversing?

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On a pelican crossing, when the amber light is flashing, who has priority?

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When a traffic jam stretches over a pedestrian crossing, you should…?

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You are approaching a system of three mini roundabouts in a row. Which of these is true?

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The drink-driving laws apply in which of these places?

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When you see animals on the road, your priority should be…?

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When you see a flashing amber "School" warning sign, you should…?

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When an emergency vehicle approaches you should do everything possible to assist its passage…?

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You are slowing for a pedestrian at a zebra crossing but they don't seem to realise it. You should…?

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You should drive at speed that will allow you to stop should a child suddenly run in front of you…?

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You are approaching a zebra crossing that has a traffic island in the middle. People have just started crossing over the right-hand lane. What should you do?

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When reversing you should be mainly looking…?

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At a pelican crossing, a pedestrian is still crossing in front of you when the light changes to green. What should you do?

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Which of these is the only vehicle that can legitimately drive over the markings on a mini roundabout?

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UK Highway Code Mock Theory Test

Think you’re ready for your UK Driving Theory test? You can’t really tell unless you try! Challenge your knowledge by taking the UK Highway Code Mock Theory Test from the comforts of your own home. It covers road rules from signage to signalling, parking, the right of way, speed limits, general road safety and emergency situations. Imagine yourself taking the actual test and work on answering the questions with confidence. You should take aUK highway code mock theory test. This will help you find out what you know and what you need to brush up on before the real test.

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