Practice Driving Test Is The Best Way To Calm Your Nerves

Driving tests are undeniably a rite of passage for all drivers- but just the idea of them, usually brings most people out in a cold sweat. Even so, it is crucial to have a calm and confident mind-set so as to pass the test successfully. Pushing those nerves aside can be done by preparing with study, practise and taking it easy during the test.

Driving a car isn’t something to be crammed and learned overnight. Passing the road test requires a long-term commitment to practicing and learning. Confidence, experience, and road expertise will be accumulated over a lifetime. So be sure to practise all driving manoeuvres and parking styles, and you will be ready for anything the examiner might test on you.

Where Can I Take an Online Practise Driving Test?

practice driving testPreparation is essential in ensuring that you can project what to expect during your driving test. To help you with that, we have compiled a list of sites where you can take a free practise driving test that can assist you in passing the actual test.

The Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)

DVSA is one of the best places you can find a free driving test that replicates the conditions you will face in the proper exam. It offers regulated guidelines and practise questions that are updated occasionally. The test was updated in May 2018, with changes being done to the wording. That ensures you will use the most up to date materials. It has 50 questions that help you prepare for only one part of your theory test (the multiple choice option). However, it does not comprise of any reference to the hazard perception part.

Highway Code Tests

Prepare for the theory test with the free practise Highway Code Tests series. The series will test your know-how of the wide range of topics from across the UNK Highway Code. The test also entails explanations along every question to make sure that you understand the rules correctly. The mock theory test utilizes multiple choice questions from the DVSA revision question bank.

Theory test online

The website enables you to prepare for your tests by offering access to practise and study learning programmes. It also includes 14 case studies for all DVSA test categories as well as unlimited randomly generated theory tests. Furthermore, the website features hazard perception tests that incorporate official DVSA hazard perception clips.

The Midrive Theory Test App

The Midrive Theory Test is a free way to prepare and practise all aspects of the UK theory test. It offers excellent features including over 900 questions and DVSA hazard perception clips. You can also train as a solo or take the test head-to-head with other learners and climb the weekly leaderboard by earning points.

Practise Driving Test That Helps You Pass Your UK Theory Test Faster and More Effectively

practise driving testA written test examines you on the road rules and the skills you will need as a qualified driver. A good practise driving test should be a replica of the original theory test so as to help you pass the test faster and more effectively. It should be split into two halves:

The multiple choice questions

In the theory test, the multiple choice section has 50 questions which you should answer in 57 minutes. While individual questions have no time limit, you need to answer at least 43 correctly to pass this segment. Similarly, a practical driving practise should likewise give you 50 questions with the same passing rate.

Moreover, the questions should be drawn from The Highway CodeKnow Your Traffic Signs, and Driving – The Essential Skills. The topics that should come up include but not limited to vehicle safety, vulnerable road users, vehicle loading, road conditions, and vehicle handling.

Since no theory test is similar to another, your practise tests should be drawn from a bank of questions from DVSA. The questions should appear with a set of possible answers, with some of them being drawn from case studies that have been designed to reflect real-life situations.

The hazard perception test

The hazard perception test consists of 14 video clips of everyday road scenes. You are supposed to click when you spot the beginning of a developing hazard. You will score up to 5 points in the test based on the speed of your timing to click. Nonetheless, if you continuously click even without any developing hazard, you will score 0 for the clip.

Since every theory hazard perception test clip is shown only once, it is essential to take as many hazard practice tests as possible. Watching and practicing these road scenes allow you to spot a developing hazard instantly and develop the right speed timing to click.

Note: A developing hazard is anything that will make you perform an action like steering or braking while driving.


How to Identify a Good Driving Knowledge Test Practise Website Before You Sign Up

knowledge test practiseToday, you can find numerous websites offering free driving test practises. Unfortunately, not all of them are helpful or genuine. To identify an efficient driving knowledge test practise website, here are a few things you should check before signing up.

Real theory test replica

Check out the tests offered by the website. They should contain the same number of questions and should require the same passing rate as the real theory test. This will not only familiarise you with the material but will also prepare you for what you can expect at the DVSA appointment.


Some websites offer a mixture of UK Highway Code questions with other queries that they consider common in driving courses to save money. Before signing up for any site, you should check that all the questions come from the UK Highway Code. This will save you time and will allow you to practise on questions that will be featured in the theory test.

Up-to-the-minute precision

The tests should be written using the latest Highway Code version. Check when the website updated their questions. It should keep track of when a new version comes up and ensure that they update their questions accordingly. That will ensure you are not answering out-of-date questions from the practise tests.

Instant feedback

A good website should have instantaneous feedback on how you are performing in the practise test. That way, you won’t have to wait until the end of the test to find out the answer. Feedback and explanations given after every question allow you to study and practice driving test effectively.