Is Mock Theory Test Enough To Pass The UK Driving Test

A theory test is a critical part of your journey to becoming a certified driver in the UK. It will help you obtain a driver’s license and contribute towards the safe usage of the roads.

UK Driving

Why Take Practice Driving Theory Test?

Prepare for success – The theory test is integral to the UK’s driving exam. You must have the theory test pass certificate to be allowed to book the driving test. A practice driving theory test will be a rehearsal to gain enough information and confidence to pass the real assessment.

Completeness – The final theory test is not exhaustive. Besides passing the exam, you must be concerned about all the rules and information on driving to help ensure your safety and that of the other road users. The practise driving theory test is comprehensive enough to touch on almost all aspects of road safety rules.

Cost-savings – The actual driving theory test will cost you money every time you book. A mock theory test will cost you far less and increase your chances of passing the final theory test the first time you undertake it. It is, therefore, worth the effort to do the latter to avoid taking chances.

Tips – A driving theory test will offer tips on approaching and answering the questions based on past experiences to increase your probability of passing.

Law-abiding – Finally, you do not wish to find yourself on the wrong side of the law. Undertaking a practice driving theory test will acquaint you with sufficient knowledge about the rules, road signs, and legal information about the use of the roads. This will help you avoid breaking the rules and shield your potential prosecution.

What to Expect From Practise DVLA Driving Test

You must note that the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) sets the driving theory test. It is then conducted online through a computer in the designated test centres. The theory exam will test your comprehension of several aspects of road usage, driving knowledge, and existing traffic laws. These might include:

Traffic signs: The signs are categorized into those that give information, give orders, or show warnings to road users. You will identify them by their shapes and colour on the side of the roads. It would help if you understood them and their meanings to ensure your safety and that of other road users while driving.

The Highway Code: This document contains information regarding the laws and regulations for motorists. It is critical to familiarise yourself with these rules, as disobeying them constitutes a criminal offenses. You do not want to be penalised, fined, or sent to prison because of sheer ignorance.

Structure of The DVLA Theory Test

The actual theory test consists of two sections: multiple-choice questions and the hazard perception parts. You must pass the exam in both areas to book the driving test. Failing in either or both sections will necessitate booking for the test again and redoing it. Besides, you will have to pay again as you re-book the test.

Multiple-choice questions

This part has 50 multiple-choice questions, of which you should score 43 or more to pass. You are given 57 minutes to complete the section that ends with five case study questions. The system allows you to flag questions you lack instant answers to and return to them afterward. Thus, you need hands-on information about the likely sets of questions and their answers.

Hazard perception questions

This section will involve watching different scenarios and clicking the computer mouse each time you observe a developing hazard. The hazards might include driving in fog, at night, or in low-light conditions. There are 14 video clips to watch in 14 minutes, each carrying five marks. You are required to score at least 44 marks to excel in this part.

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