How to Prepare For the UK Driving Theory Test

Ugh, driving theories test! Yes, you have to pass the theory driving test before getting your driving licence. In fact, before you take your practical driving test, you must pass the theory test. You have to show that you can use whatever you’ve learned when driving on the road. So, how can one prepare for the driving theory test?

Preparation for the driving theory test requires you to familiarise yourself with the Highway Code, understand the traffic signs, rehearse the hazard perception videos and practice multiple-choice driving theory questions test.  The test has two parts: the multiple-choice part and the hazard perception part.

driving theories test

Book your test early

Remember that you need to get a test centre near you. So, early booking enables you to find the nearest centre. To book visit the official government site

Read and practice answering questions

Begin your preparation for the real test by testing yourself using the theory test practice questions instead of directly jumping into the mock theory test.

The theory test has 50 multiple choice questions from a repository of more than 1000 questions. To pass the test, you have to get, at least, 43 right.

The fortunate thing is that the Driving Standards Agency has a theory test handbook to help you in your preparations. The guide provides example questions and tips. Get a copy of the handbook and take time to acquaint yourself with the questions.

When you’re revising for your theory test, you have to devote hours to reading. Remember that the questions are picked from the more than 1000 available, so you have to revise intensively. Don’t cram answers. Instead, always understand the reasoning behind every question. Also, practice answering the questions under pressure because you’ll have to answer 50 questions in only 57 minutes.

Practice on hazard spotting

After you’ve completed the multiple-choice questions, you will encounter the hazard perception test. The assessment features a series of videos showing different driving hazards. Use the available hazard spotting videos online to learn how to spot developing and potential dangers on the road.

Take the mock theory test

If you think you are ready to take the theory test, you need to test yourself with a mock theory test. Like the real test, the government mock theory test will have 50 questions, and you’ll have 57 minutes to complete it. You can take the free mock theory test

Note that some questions may have multiple answers. For such, ensure that you select all correct answers for each question. You only have 57 minutes to answer all the problems, so, ensure that you use your time well. During your mock theory test, you may encounter specific questions that you are not sure of their responses. Click on the flag’ button to enable you to revisit them before submitting the test. After completing the mock theory test, review your answers.

Carry your provisional licence photo card

On the day of the test, make sure that you have your photocard driving licence. Failure to carry it means that you’ll be unable to sit the exam.

If you are arranging for a driving test, please feel free to contact us to help you with your preparations.