Gain The Freedom Of The Road Quicker With Driving Test Questions and Answers

A driving license is an officially recognized document, often the size of a credit card and usually plastic, which permits an individual to operate motorized vehicles, such as cars, bus, trucks, or motorcycles on highways and other public roads.

United Kingdom driving license is a European driving license as long as united Northern Ireland and Great Britain remain within the European Union. Before you acquire a driving license, you must take a driving test which is a driving exam or road test designed to test an individual’s ability to drive a motor vehicle. When undergoing a European matrix test, here are some of the questions to expect and their corresponding answers.

What European Matrix Test Questions and Answers Can You Expect On The Practice Test

European Matrix TestBefore you start a theory test, you have to take an eyesight test. During the day, you should be able to read number plates of parked vehicles 3.1 inches at a minimum distance of 20m. You can always put on glasses if you need them to read the number plates. In case you fail to read the number plate, you’ll fail your driving test, and you will not continue.

Is it okay to drive with a dog in the car?

According to Highway Code, you should only take restrained pets with you. Pet carriers, dog cage, and seat belt harness or dog guard are some of the ways of restraining animals in a car. Driving pets without due care and attention can make a driver to be pulled over, and this may result in a fine and penalty points. Also, insurance companies usually decline compensation when unrestrained pets cause an accident.

What is the minimum tread for my car tires?

For light trailers, cars, caravans, eight passengers’ vehicles and motorcycles above 50 cc, the legal tread depth should be 1.6 millimeters.

Is it okay to adjust the mirrors while driving?

Always adjust the mirrors correctly before driving. If you’re uncomfortable and you have to adjust your mirrors or seat position while on the highway, stop in a safe place and align them accordingly.

Are there times when using a horn is illegal?

A horn should be used to warn someone of dangers and not an indication of your annoyance. On restricted roads, it is illegal to use a horn, basically between 11.30 p.m and 07.00 am on roads that have street lights and 30 mph.

Should I change gear and steer at the same time?

Steering requires both your hands. Change to your appropriate gear first, and then ensure both your hands are on the wheel when steering.

When should I start indicating when I am taking an exit in a roundabout?

When taking an exit to the left, always signal to the left and approach the left-hand lane until you exit. When exiting to the right, signal right, and change the roads, and keep right on the roundabout until you exit.

What is the braking and stopping distance of a car?

Braking and stopping distance depends on the driver’s attention, weather condition, road surface, and the condition of your vehicle.

How should I alert other users that I need to reverse?

You must always use signals shown in the Highway Code clearly to let others know that you intend to reverse. Use reversing lights to alert other road users. Never reverse in main roads, it’s always risky because main roads are busy and traffic is moving quickly.

Is there any damage turning the steering wheel when the car is stationary?

Turning the car when stationary is also known as ‘dry’ steering. It can cause unnecessary wear and tear of tires.

What should I do when a pedestrian is crossing the lane I’m turning?

Always check when you’re turning, and if there is a pedestrian crossing on the road you’re passing, give them the priority.

How can I improve my view when turning?

Turn on clear roads and turn or pull out from there. Avoid turning on-road obstacles such as road bends, buildings, and hedges.

At a box junction, when can I wait on the yellow crisscross?

When stopped from turning right by oncoming traffic or other vehicles turning right, you can wait in a yellow box junction.

What do ZigZag lines at the crossing mean?

The zigzag lines notify you not to overtake the leading vehicle or park on them. Parking here can block approaching traffic and pedestrians.

Can I wave to pedestrians when they are crossing?

It is dangerous to wave or use your horn when pedestrians are crossing the road. Again don’t invite passers-by to pass, let pedestrians decide to themselves when it’s safe to cross.

Which lane should you I when driving in a dual carriage?

According to Highway Code, you should stay in the left-hand lane when using a two-lane dual carriage. You should use right-hand lane only when you’re overtaking or turning to the right-hand side. Make sure you resume to left-hand lane after overtaking.

How long should I place my warning triangle if I breakdown in a dual carriage?

After you breakdown on a carriageway, place your warning triangles at least 147 feet (45 meters) behind your broken-down vehicle. Always take care when placing the warning devices.

Pass Your European Matrix Test With Ease With Driving Test Review Questions and Answers

Driving test review questionsIf your driving theory test is around the corner, you need to prepare adequately to ensure that you get everything right. The following is a driving test review that will get you started.

What is the national speed limit for motorcycles and cars?

Motorways speed for motorcycles and cars should be 70km/h.

What am I supposed to do when joining motorway?

You should always give way to traffic on the motorway.

When going through a congested tunnel and I have to stop, what should I do?

You should always keep a distance from the vehicle in front.

Road humps, narrowings, and chicanes have a purpose on roads, what are their purposes?

Their purpose is to reduce traffic speed.

What color identifies traffic sign that gives orders?

They should be red circles.

Sometimes there are no speed limit signs, but I can see street lights, what will be my speed limit in such a situation?

In such a case, the speed limit should usually be 30km/h.

‘Red routes’ have been introduced in major cities, what is the reason for their introduction?

Their main reason is to allow traffic flow.

When is it appropriate to use hazard lights?

When you slow down in a motorway because of a hazard ahead.

After refilling my car, sometimes I may experience fuel spoilage, what should I do to avoid spoilage?

You should always check your filter cup whether it’s fastened.

Is it legal to overtake on the near side?

It’s legally acceptable to overtake on a nearside (left) if you’re driving in a congested condition, and the left side is moving at ease than lanes at the right.

Do I have to signal when moving away?

It’s always recommended to signal before moving away. However, if there is no chance of you affecting anyone when you’re moving off, there is no need for signaling.

Before you acquire a driving license in the UK, above are some of the questions you might encounter when undertaking your theory test. Passing the eyesight test is followed by some of these questions.

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